Pay as you Go DID, Toll Free or Local Number

Pay as you Go DID, Toll Free or Local Number

Pay as much or as little as you wish!
Great for personal lines
If you don't want to use lots of time on the phone system, We have a plan for you. Pay as you go! Pay and use only what you want!
We only Charge (2 cents) per minute. National Average is (4.5 cents) per minute. $1.00 per month phone number charge. No contracts! All prepaid. Only pay what you want to! Stop in, sigh up or call to get your DID's! 

How it Works

One Toll Free or Local Number DIDs can go to as many different phones you wish! Quick, Simple, and Easy!
*The caller calls your Toll Free or local number that is connected to the SIP Trunk. That takes the caller through the internet and rings your PBX box. That houses your settings. (Press 1 for John Doe or Press 2 for Jane Doe) Along with your on hold music and more. Than that rings the proper phone for the proper person. 

We will get you set up the same day. If you want a special number please contact us when purchase with your plan with your phone number and our staff will call you so we can pick the number right for you.  

If we don't hear from you via email we will pick a number for you. Thank you